Mein Weg zu AchievePrime

The path to AchievePrime

„Be the change that you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi Sometimes it is all about coincidences in life, sometimes it's just luck, whereas at times there are unforeseen challenges that make a person reconsider. In my case, it was certainly a combination of all these factors that encouraged me to follow my own new path with AchievePrime. When the voice of reason triumphs over the will of the heart I had come up with the idea of developing extraordinary, elegant and aesthetic sportswear for discerning women long before I moved to Germany. It was back then,...

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Warum ist Yoga so gut?

Why is yoga so good?

Yoga is deeply embedded in our lives. An Indian ascetic phenomenon that centuries later, gained interest and affection and in other countries. No matter the climate, philosophy, lifestyle and culture, people of all ages find yoga fascinating and have it change their lives. Why is that? What does yoga give to modern people? Let's take a look at a mantra many yogis use to on their inner journey - "I and the world around me constitute one inseparable and complementary whole." If we look past the religious meaning, this positive mantra tells us to we accept our peculiarities and to...

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Wie meine Yoga-Ausbildung mein Weg zu mir selbst wurde

How my yoga training became my path to myself

The move to Berlin from London was a drastic event for me. After 10 years in which I felt very comfortable in London and had many friends, my new life in Berlin was very difficult for me. At the beginning, the language was a huge barrier for me, which I had difficulty overcoming despite language courses. I never really felt at home during the 10 months we lived in Berlin. In fact, I felt like a tourist in my own city the whole time. More and more I hid away, felt lonely and missed my family and friends. Although we...

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Anna Weihrauch - Pilates Trainerin

Yoga and Pilates have been a home to me on my travels

Yoga has been my faithful companion ever since I graduated as a musical dancer from the Stage School Hamburg. Dance and movement have always been a big part of my life. During my time in Vienna in 2008, I got to know something completely new for me: Pilates. I was immediately enthusiastic about the sport and so I decided to complete a 600-hour training course to become a Pilates trainer.   How Yin Yoga helped me find a balance for mind and body   Various musical tours and jobs in theatres initially kept me from pursuing my profession as a...

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Business-Yoga Sarah

Yoga - my companion on my journey to myself

For a long time, sport was associated for me with competition and success. Ever since I was a child, performance-oriented sports like dressage and handball were simply part of my life. Later, I became interested in fitness and spinning and also started giving spinning classes myself. After hundreds of spinning classes and half-marathons, I was looking for balance to the intense cardio and strength training.     The frustration after my first yoga class and what it did to me I thought my first yoga class would be super easy. In my head, yoga was totally easy and something for...

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Yoga gibt mir Kraft

How Yoga gave me strength with one of my biggest challenges

Moving to Munich proved to be one of the biggest challenges - and rewards - of my life. I have moved cities, and countries before, but always to tropical places; always by the ocean, and always where they drive on the left side of the road. How living in a city changed my life The simplest tasks were suddenly huge challenges - jumping into, instead of out of the way of bikes, finding something in a supermarket, making reservations in broken German. And teaching at various places around the city itself on my bike was also always longer than google...

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