Mein Weg zu AchievePrime

The path to AchievePrime

„Be the change that you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

Sometimes it is all about coincidences in life, sometimes it's just luck, whereas at times there are unforeseen challenges that make a person reconsider. In my case, it was certainly a combination of all these factors that encouraged me to follow my own new path with AchievePrime.

When the voice of reason triumphs over the will of the heart

I had come up with the idea of developing extraordinary, elegant and aesthetic sportswear for discerning women long before I moved to Germany. It was back then, when I was starting to work as a managing director of a software company in Munich, this wish travelled with me in my luggage. I had already studied finance and biology, and through my studies I was heavily involved with such matters as cancer research and ageing. Sport had always been one of the fundamental components of my life and the key factor for a healthy and happy life. No matter how far my heart went for the subject of sport and exercise, I decided to take, what I considered at the time, a more "sensible" way. My career thrived, yet, I was craving for addressing health and well-being. But being out in the hustle and bustle of everyday life with its business meetings, client projects and to-dos, I hardly gave this feeling any space. Yet I realized that professional accomplishments felt good for the moment and they wouldn't make me really happy in the long run.


How unexpected life hurdles bring old dreams to light

At the peak of my career I was hit by a personal stroke of fate which shook everything I had built professionally over previous years. I felt like I was losing my footing and my professional success could not shield me from that.

I felt that I lacked the courage and strength to deal with what I was experiencing and that I was incapable of thinking clearly. In order to distance myself and find peace, I decided to travel for a few weeks.

When I arrived at my destination, I felt that all the tension subsided and I was finally relieved. I could breathe freely again.

The last few years had taken a lot more out of me than I initially wanted to admit. But then it was just me, sitting there - alone at the other end of the world - where I knew no one. Alone with my thoughts and anxiety.

In order to use my time sensibly, because I had drilled myself to do this over and over, I decided to take a yoga class in a studio near my hotel. Since I was travelling in the low season, the studio was hardly visited and I was all alone with my yoga teacher for long hours.


Yoga – the journey to myself

Next few weeks were like a journey back to myself. Through my daily yoga practice I was slowly returning to my centre, step by step. The yoga teacher spent a lot of time showing me how important it was not to neglect my own needs.

Before I made my way back to Germany, it was clear - yoga was going to be an essential part of the new, happy and fulfilling future life. My personal space for self-care, personal content and reflection.

When I arrived in Germany, I immediately started looking for a yoga studio. But after a couple of classes, I realised that the tranquillity and focus I had previously felt wasn’t there any longer. I also sensed that the majority of my peers in the class failed to find the much-needed peace and centre either. Many were distracted by ill-fitting clothes and could not find the concentration or focus they needed to achieve peace and contentment during and after their workout.


Above all, courage – to turn your dream into a reality.

This was the moment when I flashed back to my own dream. My longing to develop an extraordinary, elegant and aesthetic sportswear line. Because I was sure if we women felt comfortable with and in our clothes - and if they felt like a second skin - it would also give us more space to focus on ourselves and our bodies. I wanted to create this feeling, which I had experienced on my travels, for myself and for all the women in my yoga class and beyond.

So I gathered all my courage and confidence and made the first sketches and designs for AchievePrime.


It's time to take care of ourselves too

I decided to put all my energy, passion and values into my very own project: creating functional and feminine sportswear and shapeware for women of all ages and body types.

It was clear to me from the very start that my brand should not only take care of female customers’ well-being, but it was aimed to target others too through sustainable production and social commitment.

My concern was and still is to motivate and support us women, who often care more about others than ourselves, to feel our own needs, make our own decisions and lead our own lives.

To be there for ourselves as much as for others. And exactly the same is true for AchievePrime.


AchievePrime - my gift to myself and my clients

Over the last three years I have put all my energy, passion, love and courage into developing my products. I have been accompanied on this journey by so many wonderful and strong people who have already enriched my life and AchievePrime on so many levels.

The fact that I am not alone in this endeavour and that so many people support my aspiration, encourages me every day anew.

I want to share this happiness, this lightness and this passion with you. I hope you will be able to experience this spirit when wearing each of our pieces. And feel lighter, happier and stronger to go your own way.

Yours, Elena from AchievePrime.

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