AchievePrime - go your way consciously

The story of our company is like a wonderful journey. A journey that starts with oneself and a vision that carries you further and further.

In 2018, our company story takes its beginning. Elena Bukreeva founds AchievePrime brand label. The word "Prime" borrows from the concept of "Priming" and describes the ability to bring oneself to one's "Peak Stake". This feeling of happiness which also has its roots in the teachings of yoga. It describes the personal fulfilment: the body and mind, the pursuit of freedom, inner happiness and contentment, self-knowledge and satisfaction, for self-knowledge and the demand on oneself. But it is not only about to achieve this feeling, but also to create the path to it consciously, in motion and with love and mindfulness. Elena translates this path to achieving "Prime" for herself as AchievePrime.

The search for the perfect raw materials

Elena wants to fill this name with life. It is a pledge. She travels all over Europe to give shape to the vision of her own and very special sports brand.

Driven by her high standards of sustainability and fairness, Elena visits many trade fairs and personally reaches out to fabric suppliers and production facilities. She willfully picks European companies and shuns low-cost production in Asia. Leaving nothing to chance to get an insight into fabric quality and the current situation at the sites, Elena attaches great importance to the fact that all suppliers share her wishes and values as to sustainability, employee recognition, and product quality. It took more than a year before she was confident about the choice of business partners to trust them manufacturing her collections.

Learning from each other - an important component of AchievePrime

Meanwhile, pioneer collection samples and patterns were being created. And again, every single detail was carefully worked out and checked. Nothing was left to chance. All models were personally tested by Elena herself and her friends or acquaintances.

But feminine style designs and high quality alone were just not enough for her. She counted on her friends' guidance in sports outfit characteristics that each of them personally valued, as well as what they particularly appreciated about their existing "favorite pieces". All the feedback and comments were scrutinized and considered in the creation process.

The beginning of our journey to the Prime

When everything was finally ready, the collection had to be postponed for another year with a heavy heart due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

But the time has finally come. In March 2021 the first AchievePrime collection is available exclusively through the own online store.

A first step on the way - AchievePrime.

Be brave.