About us

AchievePrime - walk your path consciously

The story of our company is like that of a wonderful journey. A journey that starts with yourself and a vision that always takes you further.

Our company history begins in 2018. We found the brand label AchievePrime. The word "Prime" is based on the concept of "priming" and describes the ability to bring oneself into one's own "peak state". This feeling of happiness, which has its roots in the teaching of yoga, describes personal fulfillment: bringing body and mind together, striving for freedom, inner happiness and contentment, for self-knowledge and the demand for oneself. But it's not just about to achieve this feeling, but also to shape the way there consciously, in movement and with love and mindfulness. We translate this path to achieving the "Prime" as AchievePrime.

The search for the perfect raw materials

We wanted to bring this name to life. He is a promise. We traveled all over Europe to give shape to our vision of our own and very special sports brand.

Driven by our high standards of sustainability and fairness, we visited many trade fairs and spoke personally to fabric suppliers and production facilities. We consciously decided in favor of European companies and against cheap production in Asia. We left nothing to chance to get an impression of the quality of the fabrics, but also of the situations on site. We attached great importance to the fact that all suppliers share their wishes and values with regard to sustainability, dealing with employees and the type of production. It takes more than a year before we were quite sure that we have chosen the right partner for the production of her collections.

Learning from each other - an important component of AchievePrime

Meanwhile, the designs and patterns for the first collection are created. Here, too, every single detail is planned and carefully checked, and nothing is left to chance. Every single one of our models is tested by AchievePrime in-house team.

Feminine designs and high quality alone are not enough for us. We asked our friends for help, for specific advice on which features of a sports outfit each of them personally values and what they particularly appreciate about their existing “favorite pieces”. All this information and special details are taken into account in the creation process.

The beginning of our journey to Prime

When everything is finally ready, the collection has to be postponed for another year with a heavy heart due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

But in March 2021 the time has finally come. The first AchievePrime collection is available exclusively through our own online shop.

A first step on the way - AchievePrime.

Be brave.