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Yoga and Pilates have been a home to me on my travels

Yoga has been my faithful companion ever since I graduated as a musical dancer from the Stage School Hamburg. Dance and movement have always been a big part of my life. During my time in Vienna in 2008, I got to know something completely new for me: Pilates. I was immediately enthusiastic about the sport and so I decided to complete a 600-hour training course to become a Pilates trainer.


How Yin Yoga helped me find a balance for mind and body


Various musical tours and jobs in theatres initially kept me from pursuing my profession as a Pilates instructor and teaching others. Nevertheless, during my employment as a musical performer, including as a Baby in the musical Dirty Dancing, I practised both yoga and Pilates all over the world. During this time, Yin Yoga in particular helped me to find a balance with performance sports for mind and body. My colleagues felt the same way, and so I taught and practiced with them after our dance training. "Sport is for everyone, no matter where you live, what your opportunities are. You can do something for yourself and it's good for your salvation. It's a connection to myself, something that's good for me."


My mat is MY place


After several years on tour, without a permanent home, family or relationships, I realised at some point that something had to change. After my last show, I finally came to Augsburg, where I started teaching Pilates full time as a matter of course. Here I could now pass on what had accompanied me every day for the last few years. "Sport has always given me a second home. I have a mat that has always been my companion since 2007. No matter where I travel, I take it with me. No matter where I roll it out, it is MY place."

Here I was finally able to find the normality that I missed so much when I was travelling. Practising as a Pilates and yoga instructor, I was able to build a solid social environment and community here.

Turning my passion into a profession - and at the same time meeting people and sharing a common passion with them - that was and is a great fulfilment for me. 

To be able to live and experience this - I appreciate it every day.

Anna is one of our AchievePrime Ambassadors

Through her calm, sensitive and yet so strong manner, she inspires us and others.
If you want to find out more about Anna, visit her Instagram account anna_weihrauch and on her Website



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