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Yoga - my companion on my journey to myself

For a long time, sport was associated for me with competition and success. Ever since I was a child, performance-oriented sports like dressage and handball were simply part of my life. Later, I became interested in fitness and spinning and also started giving spinning classes myself. After hundreds of spinning classes and half-marathons, I was looking for balance to the intense cardio and strength training.  


The frustration after my first yoga class and what it did to me

I thought my first yoga class would be super easy. In my head, yoga was totally easy and something for "housewives". For me as a super fit, young athlete, it shouldn't be a problem. At least that's what I thought.


Maybe this was exactly the turning point for me as an athlete, because my ambition has not let me go until today. In general, I was and am convinced that you always have to try things several times. This moment after my first yoga class confirmed this in a very special way.


Why business yoga is just right for me


After countless hours on the mat, I liked it so much that I wanted to learn even more about yoga and its philosophy. I completed two teacher trainings in Vinyasa (Power) Yoga. I also learned that the physical practice on the mat is only a small part of yoga as we often understand it in the western world. Therefore, I decided to learn more about the mental level (of yoga) and completed meditation, mindfulness and resilience trainings.


I work in a very agile environment, used to travel a lot and was constantly on the go. The search for a balance was quickly successful and very close: yoga, meditation and changing my lifestyle . After many years of practising yoga, yoga is now both mental and physical training for me.


Authenticity is also very important to me as a yoga teacher and I can implement this best in a business context.


Life is about balance


Yoga and meditation offer me balance, no matter how turbulent my environment is. Yoga has taught me: don't look at others, but be the best version of yourself. Achieve YOUR Prime. 




Sarah is one of our AchievePrime Ambassadors

Through her honest, authentic way, she inspires us and others.
If you want to learn more about Sarah, visit her Instagram Account IamSarahS.

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